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About Devexcel

The vision hence isn't biased toward just one cause but is to enhance the quality of life for ALL as we age.

To accomplish this, the founders Mrs. Anita Rani (Lucknow) and Mr. Vinay Kumar Singh (Varanasi) alongside the members actively engage to lead positive social change and endlessly strive to raise awareness through information, advocacy, and service.

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Dev Excel Foundation is a non-governmental organization in India with regional offices inLucknow and Varanasi. The organization aims to inspire, empower, and direct social activists,volunteers, and civilians toward working for social welfare and community development. Therefore,Dev Excel Foundation has amalgamated both participatory as well as empowering orientations. This is done by zeroing in on spontaneous self-help projects involving local communities to deal with an immediate issue at hand as well as formulating various campaigns to empower the underserved communities to fortify recognition and awareness of their own potential power to sustain themselves and their families socially and economically

NGO Primary Focus Area's

1. Battling hunger, poverty, and malnutrition: By providing food, nutrition supplements, and clothing to the underserved and marginalized members of society; Participating in activities that promote preventive health care, immunity development, and other activities in local communities. 2. Providing for Environmental Sustainability: Through plantation drives in schools, villages, offices/business premises, and other areas in general and actively engaging local communities and members in the overall promotion of biodiversity. 3. Empowering Women and Promoting their health and well-being: Women experience many unique health issues — for example, pregnancy, childbirth, and menopause. Although the Anganwadi workers have been trained to work on this aspect by promoting the intake of iron and folic acid either directly through diet or through supplements, despite their efforts, data (based on focused group discussions conducted by our team) suggests that females continue to be vulnerable to nutritional anemia due to their hectic schedules, unpredictable mealtimes, and extended hours of work. Therefore, through providing training in vocations pursued by women as well as hosting menstrual hygiene awareness campaigns and donation drives for adolescent girls and women, we work on addressing these specific needs to improve women’s health and safety throughout their lives. 4. Advancing Community Development: By cultivating interest in art and culture through providing opportunities to children of marginalized and underserved communities to visit sites and monuments of national heritage; supporting and sustaining local artisan livelihoods and creating engagement within the community around sports and nurturing the youth at the grassroots to pursue nationally recognized sports. 5. Supporting schools: We work directly with schools and healthcare facilities to improve access to basic water, sanitation, and handwashing facilities, and to establish protocols for preventing and controlling infections. We support menstrual health and hygiene in schools by constructing private, secure sanitation and washing facilities as well as menstrual pad disposal facilities. Given that the onset of puberty among girls is one of the leading causes of dropout, we also want to increase access to and support for services that help more girls better manage their menstrual cycle, equipping them with resources and encouraging them to stay in school. 6. Offering assistance during Pandemic Emergencies: Supporting migrant workers, marginalized communities, and frontline Warriors and also helping the community with the distribution of Face masks, sanitizers, disinfectants, and conducting mental health and hygiene awareness programs, etc. Our efforts have been consistently acknowledged and appreciated by notable dignitaries in the publicprivate sector, State Governments, and recently during COVID even by the Prime Minister of India. We hope to continue our collaboration with different stakeholders of the community to the ongoing support from individual donors and well-wishers so that we can keep expanding our reach in empowering the disempowered sections of society.

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